About Lawngtlai District


The Districts shares its boundaries with Lunglei and Saiha District in the north and south respectively. Lawngtlai District covers an area of 2258 sq.kms with the population of 73,685 ( 2001 Census). The inhabitants of the District are mainly the ethnic groups of tribals like Lai and Chakma, who are among the minor tribal communities of Mizoram. The main occupation is cultivation and the rural population largely depends on agriculture for their subsistence. The physical feature is mainly hilly except with long narrow strip of low lying area along the western side of Chamdur Valley .

Lawngtlai District has various types of uniqueness and peculiarity. There are two Autonomous District Councils within the District. The two-in-one District comprises the Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) and the Chakma Autonomous District Council(CADC) with their headquarters at Lawngtlai and Kamalanagar respectively. Having separate Autonomous Legislature, Excecutive and Judiciary, the Lais and the Chakmas administered their respective Autonomous regions in accordance with the provisions of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution of India.