Inkhawm Hriattirna

Inkhawm Hriattirna
Nihna Sawifiahna Start Date End Date File
An important meeting in connection with convergence of various schemes related to women and child 04/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (454 KB)
A meeting to review deisions taken during Districts AIDS Prevention Control Committee on DC’s Conference Hall 05/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (142 KB)
A meeting of District Level Standing Committee for EMRS Lawngtlai District to discuss matters relating to recruitment of Guest Teacher and Clerk/Accountant for EMRS Lawngtlai and Chawngte 13/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (445 KB)
A meeting in connection with implementation of Har Ghar Jhanda under Azadi ka Amrit Ka Mahotsav under Lawngtlai District 15/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (523 KB)
A review meeting in connection with Backward Community of Lai Community Lawngtlai District under 30% NEC and other existing schemes implemented by DRDA Office,Lawngtlai 26/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (338 KB)
Lawngtlai khawpui chhunga electric ban leh a hmun himlo chungchangah ni 27.07.2022 tlai dar 01.00 hian Additional Deputy Commissioner Chamber ah meeting koh a ni a 26/07/2022 31/07/2022 Thlirna (283 KB)
Meeting to discuss issues pertaining to essential commodities and POL 30/06/2022 02/07/2022 Thlirna (299 KB)
Meeting Notice for District Level Task Force for working out strategies for monitoring the Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products 03/06/2022 30/06/2022 Thlirna (564 KB)
A meeting of the Districts AIDs Prevention and Control Committee for Lawngtlai District 03/06/2022 30/06/2022 Thlirna (629 KB)
A meeting to discuss black marketing of POL and steps required to be takento avoid congestion and long queues at POL Retail Outlets 07/06/2022 30/06/2022 Thlirna (282 KB)