Child Development Protection Unit

Overview of the Office:

  • Integrated Child Protection Scheme(ICPS): It is a governmental program implemented by the Government of India to help secure the safety of children, with a special emphasis on children in need of care and protection, juveniles in conflict or contact with the law and other vulnerable children
  • Based on cardinal principles of ‘protection of child rights’ and ‘best interest of the child’

Objectives of ICPS:

  • To institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures
  • To enhance capacities at all levels
  • To create database and knowledge base for child protection services
  • To strengthen child protection at family and community level
  • To ensure appropriate inter-sectoral response at all levels
  • To raise public awareness

Target groups:

  • Children in Need of Care and Protection(CNCP)
  • Children in Conflict with Law (CCL)
  • Children in Contact with Law
Staff strength of District Child Protection Unit (DCPU):
Sl. No. Name Designation
1 Mary Lalremruati District Child Protection Officer
2 PC. Malsawmtluangi Protection Officer (IC)
3 Zohlimpuii Hmar Protection Officer (NIC)
4 VL Hmachhuana Khiangte Legal – cum – Probation Officer
5 Vanlalhruaii Accountant
6 N. Darchhingpuii Counselor
7 C. Lalruatkimi Data Analyst
8 K. Lalliantluanga Social Worker-I
9 B. Lalngaihawmi Social Worker-II
10 Richard Hmingthanzama Asst. cum Data Entry Operator (DCPU)
11 C. Malsawmtluanga Asst. cum Data Entry Operator(JJB)
12 Mercy Lalhmangaihzuali Asst. cum Data Entry Operator (CWC)
13 Lalchawiliani Outreach Worker-I
14 Vasty Roneihkimi Outreach Worker-II
15 Lalpuiliana Outreach Worker-III

Services under ICPS:

  1. Childline : 1098 ( toll free) / 9774222275
  2.  Family – Based Non – Institutional Care:
    1. Sponsorship
    2. Foster Care
    3. Child Care Guidance
    4. After-Care
    5. Adoption
      1. Relative Adoption
      2. Step-parent Adoption
      3. Foster Care Adoption
      4. Specialized Adoption Agencies
      5. Cradle Baby Reception Centre
  3. Institutional Services:
    1. Children’s Homes
    2. Open Shelters
    3. Observation Homes
    4. Special Homes
    5. Home for Children with Special Needs:
      1. Home for Children with Mental Illness
      2. Home for Children with Physical Disability
      3. Home for Children Abusing Substances