Public Work Department



  • Mizoram PWD are committed to their role of planning, designing, construction, maintenance and provide technical service for quantitative and timely requirement of the stakeholders and enhance stakeholder’s satisfaction through continual improvement and meeting statutory and regulatory requirement in the field of built environment and infrastructure development of the state.
  • Increased infrastructure spending by the government is generally expected to result in higher economic output in the short term by stimulating demand in the long term by increasing overall productivity. 
  • Transport projects, improving overall accessibility provides better goods and services, people’s ability to access education, employment and services and reduce transportation costs (including travel time, vehicle operating costs, road and parking facility costs etc.)


  • Engineer-in-Chief is the head of the Department as a whole and having three Chief Engineers i.e. Roads, Buildings and Highways, one Chief Architect and Mizoram Road Fund Board Secretariat (MRFBS) headed by Chief Executive Officer.
  • There are 8(eight) circle offices and two PIU’s each headed by SE’s level and above.
  • There are 29 working Divisions headed by EE’s and 85 Sub Divisional Offices headed by SDO’s.


  • PWD Lawngtlai Division is headed by 1 Executive Engineer and assisted by 2 Sub-Divisional Officers.
  • There are two Sub-Divisions headed by 2 Sub-Divisional Officer. They are assisted by 5 Junior Engineers.
  • There are 3 branch, namely:- a) Establishment Branch, b) Account Branch, c) Technical Branch.
SI No. Designation Nos
1 Executive Engineer 1
2 Sub-Divisional Officer 2
3 Accounts Officer 1
4 Assistant Account Officer 1
5 Head Assistant 1
6 Junior Engineer 5
7 OS-II 2
8 UDC 1
9 LDC 3
10 Section Assistant 5
11 Driver 2
12 Peon  1
13 IBC 4


  1. Sub-Division (S&I) deals in major and minor works viz. Construction and maintenance of satellite villages roads and central funded projects such as PMGSY.
  2. Sub-Division-II deals in major and minor works viz. Construction and Maintenance of satellite town roads such as Lawngtlai internal roads and Nalkawn-Chamdur-Valley Road. With major work includes Tuipuiferry Road Project.


Establishment Branch is the main branch in this Division. Under the guidance of Head Assistant, all letters endorsed to this office are received and disposed to the concerned dealing branch or sub-division. And all official letters are issued from the establishment branch. The Head Assistant is responsible for office administration.


Account Branch, headed by the Account Officer is responsible for looking after the division accounts and is also responsible for recording all the expenditure and maintaining all the financial register incurred in this Division. Their work includes payment of bill through e-payment to the respective contractors.


Technical branch are responsible for submitting weekly, monthly and quarterly reports of works under this Division. After the report is made, the progress made are uploaded to the web portal ‘OMMAS’. All letters received from Establishment branch are endorsed to the respective Sub-Division to take necessary action. Forwarding of estimates and proposals, which are received from Sub-Division, after scrutinized by The Executive Engineer is further sent to The Superintendent Engineer for further necessary action.

Main functions of PWD Lawngtlai Division :

Collection of proposal for Action Plan, NEDP, SPP, NABARD, SEDP etc. These works consists of minor works and major works like construction, repair and maintenance works.

Proposal for the next current financial year has been submitted to the competent authority for sanction in the month of May. From these proposals, works are allotted to the Division according to availability of fund and estimate is prepared and submitted to the competent authority for approval. After obtaining approval of competent authority works are executed through Contractor or Departmental work.

PMGSY: The primary objective of PMGSY is to provide connectivity by way of an all weather roads(with necessary culverts and cross drainage structures) is centrally sponsored scheme funded by NRRDA (National Rural Roads Development Agency).

The roads are selected from MiRRDA (Mizoram Rural Roads Development Agency). PMGSY works are executed only after call of e-tender and allotted to the eligible contractor.

PMGSY works consists of formation works, Pavement works, and Permanent works (Culverts, Retaining walls and minor Bridge) and road signage.