Village & Panchayats

Unlike the most parts of India, where districts are divided into Tehsil in Lawngtlai district there are two Autonomous District Councils, the Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC) and the Chakma Autonomous District Council(CADC) with their headquarters at Lawngtlai and Chawngte (Kamalanagar) respectively. Having separate autonomous legislative, executive and judicial functions, the Lais and the Chakmas administer their respective autonomous regions in accordance with the provisions of the Sixth Schedule to the Constitution_of_India.

This district is divided into four Rural Development Blocks:

1 Chawngte 84
2 Bungtlang S 39
3 Lawngtlai  27
4 Sangau 19

The town of Lawngtlai is the headquarters for the district. The names of the headquarters of the Rural Development Blocks are same as them. There are 158 villages in Lawngtlai district.