Places of Interest

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

SwanThe Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary in Mizoram is spread over an area of 110 sq km, near the Indo-Bangladesh border. Close to Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh border, the Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary ranges in altitude from 200 m to about 1200 m above sea level. Virgin sub-tropical evergreen / semi-evergreen forests are found in the Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary Mizoram. The sanctuary is surrounded by seven villages. It is managed by Range Officer with headquarter Ngengpui, and 5 Beat Officers under the control of DFO Chhimtuipui Forest Division.

Important Wild Animals

Elephant (Sai), Gaur/Indian bison (Ramsial), Tiger (Sakei), Leopard (Keite), Clouded leopard ( Kelral), Golden cat (Keisen), Leopard cat (Sanghar), and Jungle cat ( Sauak/Ngharbawr). Other important animals are Himalayan black bear (Savawm), Malayan sun bear ( Samang), Sambar (Sazuk), Barking deer (Sakhi), Wild boar (Sanghal) etc. Arboreal animals like – Assamese macaque (Zawng mawt/Zawng hmaisen) Hoolock gibbon (Hauhuk), Rhesus macaque (Zawng), Leaf monkey (Dawr), Common langur (Ngau), Slow loris (Sahuai) etc.

Important Birds

Bhutan peacock-pheasant (Varihaw), White cheeked patriged (Varung), Assam or Mountain bamboo patridge (Vahlah), Great Indian hornbill (Vapual), Hornbills (Kawlhawk), Pied hornbill (Vahai), Imperial pegion (Bullut) etc.

Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary


Sinemon Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the southernmost part of Mizoram in the district of Lawngtlai. This wildlife sanctuary is spread across an area of about 143 sq. km and has animals such as leopard, wild boar, slow loris, barking deer, elephant, tiger, sambar and many more. Travellers can also see numerous bird species in this sanctuary that can be seen with the help of binoculars.


Lohawka Wildlife Sanctuary

monkeyLohawka Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its forests and rich wildlife animals like sambar, slow moris, leopards, barking deer, tiger, monkeys and so on. This sanctuary is about 400 km from Aizawl and 85 km from Lawngtlai. Travellers can also see tropical semi-evergreen forests with large variety of birds.




Mullianpui Village


Muallianpui is a small village, that is located very near the border of Lunglei District. This village is located on the main hiking course from Uiphum to Tuiehong. The village may be very close to the Indo-Bangladesh worldwide border and Sinemon wildlife Sanctuary. In case you want to spend your amusement time along with your family, this will be an exquisite location. Due to the fact in this location, there is enough place for kids to play with their pals in addition to parents can take relaxation at that time. Besides this because of the greenery and scenery in this place, we can clearly enjoy the trip to right here. So typical touring this location could be an in no way to be forgotten enjoy for you. Besides this, this location has a number of historical significance in India’s lifestyle.