Overview of the Office and Man Power:

District Fisheries  Development Officer’s Office, Lawngtlai is inaugurated on 12th May, 2011, with the Head of Office being DFDO (District Fisheries Development Officer). The present Staff strength is as shown below:

SI. No Name of the Post No of Staff at Present
1 Assistant Fishery Officer 1
2 Fishery Demonstrator 2(1 Regular & 1 M/R)
3 LDC 3(2 Regular & 1 M/R)
4 IV Grade 2 M/R
5  Driver 1(Contingent M/R)
6 Farm Chowkidar 1(Contingent M/R)

Project currently undergoing:

Blue Revolution Scheme (2018-19)
SI. No Items/Activities Unit Cost (Rs. in Lakh/Hac)
1 New Pond Construction 7.0/ha
2 Renovation of Pond 3.5/ha
3 Water log area Development 5.0/ha
4 Fish Seed Rearing Unit 6.0/ha
5 Inputs (Fish Feed, seeds & fertilizers, etc) 1.50/ha
6 Establishment of Fish Seed Hatchery 25.0/no
    • Welfare of Fishermen:
  • Housing for Fishermen
  • Installation of Tube well / Drinking water Point
  • 1.3/no
  • 0.6/no
8 Training and Skill Development 0.02/no

Fund allotted:

(a) Blue Revolution scheme  (2017-18) – Rs.7.28 lakh

           (i)   New pond Construction- 1 no. of new fish pond covering an area of 0.2ha with Rs.56,000 per new pond.

           (ii) Renovation of existing pond- 24nos. of beneficiaries       @Rs.28,000 per beneficiary with an area of 0.2ha each.

(b) Social welfare Article 275(1)-  Rs.15 lakh 

            (i)  1 ha has been allotted for construction of 5(five) new fish ponds covering an area of 0.2ha per new fish pond.This is being under process.

            (ii)  Construction of 1 unit Chinese Hatchery at Saikah Lower @ Rs.15 lakh per unit.

Project Covered Area in Lawngtlai:

The project covered the entire area of Lawngtlai District comprising LADC area & CADC area.

Scope of the Project:

 (1)  Blue Revolution- The scope of Blue Revolution Scheme is ‘Development of Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture funded by National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB), Hyderabad .

  (2)  Social welfare Article 275(1)-Upliftment of Farmer who opted to abandon jhum cultivation and adopted Fisheries as source of income.

People Benefited:

Farmer having suitable land for development of Fisheries.