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Phawngpui is the highest peak in Mizoram. There is a semi-circular series of cliffs on the western side called Thlazuang Khàm, which have a sharp and deep fall, and serve as the natural home of mountain goats. These cliffs are believed to be haunted by spirits. On the peak, there is a level ground of about 2 km2 in area. Since 1992 the mountain has been included in the protected area of the Phawngpui National Park, one of only two national parks of India in Mizoram. The Government of Mizoram allows ecofriendly visit to the mountain only during November to April.
The area is encircled by matted bamboo groves and other alluring vegetation. There are varieties of butterflies, including some rare species found in this region. The Farpak area in Phawngpui is a huge grassland adjacent to a cliff area where one can sight birds like peregrine falcon, Blyth’s tragopan, sunbirds, grey sibia, golden-throated barbet,  Mrs. Hume’s pheasant, hornbill, dark-rumped swift, mountain bamboo partridge, black eagle and other birds.The very rare clouded leopard has been recorded in the Farpak area since 1992. There have been instances of wild orchids being stolen from Phawngpui, efforts are being taken to protect and conserve it.

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How to Reach :

By Air

Lengpui Airport which is around 450 kms from Blue Mountain

By Train

Bairabi railway station which is around 600 kms from Blue Mountain

By Road

Lawngtlai Bus stop which is 150 kms from Blue Mountain